Adalbert Waagen | Hunting in the Alps

Adalbert Waagen, German, Hunting in the Alps, 1865. Oil on canvas, 52 x 41 1/2 inches (132.1 x 105.4 cm). Collection of the Nasher Museum of Art at Duke University, Durham, NC, USA. Museum purchase, 2002.16.2. Photo by Peter Paul Geoffrion.

Activities and lesson plans that use this artwork

Activity: Setting the Scene

Focus skills: inferences

Activity: Tales of Travel

Focus skills: inferences

Grade 1 Lesson Plan: Living Things Are Connected

Focus skills: Informative Writing

Grade 2 Lesson Plan: Art, Landforms and Weather

Focus skills: cause and effect

Kindergarten Lesson Plan: Jack and Jill, Rhythm and Rhyme

Focus skills: main idea

Kindergarten Lesson Plan: A Tree

Focus skills: collage

Kindergarten Lesson Plan: Arbor Day

Focus skills: fact and opinion

Grade 1 Lesson Plan: Life Lessons

Focus skills: narrative writing

Grade 2 Lesson Plan: Story Structure

Focus skills: sequencing