Bring it to Life

Activity Instructions

Begin by displaying an artwork and acting as if you were the subject of the artwork. Encourage students to ask you questions about your job, age, typical day, location, feelings, or attitude. Try to make clear connections between the answers you are giving and the artwork, highlighting that many of the inferences you are making are drawn from facts you have observed directly.

Then, divide students into small groups and have them each choose a character from an artwork to act out. They can take turns interviewing each other.

As a possible extension or follow-up activity, have students choose a character from an artwork that they have just interviewed and illustrate what they would do after the scene shown in the artwork.

Variation: Turn this activity into a game by keeping the artwork a secret and having students guess which artwork the teacher and other members of their group chose to act out.

Nasher Museum of Art at Duke University
  • Bahsir (Robert Gowens)

    Bahsir (Robert Gowens)
    Barkley Hendricks

  • In the Garden

    In the Garden
    Romare Bearden

  • Maid Cutting Ice

    Maid Cutting Ice
    John Sloan

  • Ivenlaw III (study)

    Ivenlaw III (study)
    Kehinde Wiley

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