Artful Weather Reports

Activity Instructions

Have students compare and contrast pictures that show a particular weather, season, day, or climate using a Venn diagram. For example, compare Green Volkswagen, by Don Eddy, with At the South Head, Grand Manan, by Alfred Thompson Bricher. After modeling the activity, you might mix up a collection of pictures and redistribute them to students to compare and contrast separate artworks, or you might have everyone continue to focus on the same two artworks.

As an extension, have students share what they inferred about the weather from each artwork by preparing an illustrated weather report for each artwork and presenting it to each other as television meteorologists.

Nasher Museum of Art at Duke University
  • Green Volkswagen

    Green Volkswagen
    Don Eddy

  • At the South Head, Grand Manan

    At the South Head, Grand Manan
    Alfred Thompson Bricher

  • In the Garden

    In the Garden
    Romare Bearden

  • Beach Scene

    Beach Scene
    Edward Potthast